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Former Plum Creek employees (and newly-hired employees at former PC sites) are now able to access myTRAINING. If you are signed into your computer using your Corp Id (in other words, if your computer has been re-imaged), then Option 1A below should work for you. However, even if this is not the case, all former PC employees can use Option 1B below. Please note that this option will require providing your PeopleSoft id (which can be obtained from your paycheck, or by contacting the ESC).

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Option 1:
If you are a Weyerhaeuser employee located in the United States or Canada, please choose one of the following:

If you are signed into a computer using your own network ID and password, follow the link below.


If you are using an auto-login shared computer or WYSE (thin client) device, follow the link below. (You will need to provide your PeopleSoft id.)
Weyerhaeuser employee in U.S. or Canada on auto-login WYSE device
Option 2:
If you are a contractor or an international employee follow the link below and sign in with the username and password you have been issued.

To request a username and password for a category 2 contractor, click here. For other enquiries, contact the IT Service Desk at 877-924-7373.

To MANAGE Training...
If you are a PeopleSoft manager or site Training Coordinator and need to manage training (e.g., enroll your employees on courses, mark them complete, or run training reports), then please follow the link below to access the Absorb Administrator System.
Absorb Administrator System